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Insan Medical Research Institute

Insan Cancer Medicine Group which strives to contribute to the health of the humankind by inheriting the noble spirit of medical treatment by Dr. Insan

This is a nonprofit research institution on academic culture which studies and cultivates Insan culture of Insan Kim Il-hoon who influenced our ethnic culture, such as literature, history, philosophy, science, traditional medicine, three-religion idea, native culture, and homeland culture.

3 Major Steps of Oriental Medicine

Blossoming of Oriental Medicine – Group-compiled medicine – Donguibogam

Dr. Guam Heo Jun

Development of Oriental Medicine – Ideological medicine – Donguisusebowon

Dr. Dongmu Lee Jema

Completion of Oriental Medicine – Insan Cancer Medicine – Sinyakboncho

Dr. Insan Kim Il-hoon

Dr. Insan Kim Il-hoon

Inventor of bamboo salt and mineral-fed duck, discoverer of safflower seed and marsh snail

Founder of Insan Cancer Medicine, an oriental medicine for treating cancer

Dr. Insan Kim Il-hoon (1909 – 1992), the father of Korean cancer medicine, completed Hwalin idea and Insan cancer medicine with great sages of the East by creating and reinforcing medicinal religious ideas unique to Korea by putting together Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, which are the foundations of oriental culture.

Insan Cancer Medicine Group

595-47 Yongpyeong-ri, Hamyang-eup, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

Phone 055-964-0599

Fax 055-964-0399

History of Insan Cancer Medicine Hamyang History Center

June 9th, 1993 Opened Insan Publisher (CEO: Choi Eun-a), published Collection of Insan Cancer Medicine

July 1996 Opened Hamyang History Center (Business registration)

Director Kim Yun-su (Chairman of Insan Medicine Society, Lecturer at Department of Chinese Language at Gyeongsang National University, Historical material researcher of National Institute of Korean History at Hamyang County)

July 1998 Initiated establishment of Insan Society (failed to initiate)

December 1998 Founded Korea Insan Medicine Society (Chairman Kim Yun-su)

February 1999 Opened Insan-ga Oriental Medical Center affiliated with Insan Medical Society (

July 1999 Opened the website of Hamyang History Center (

August 8th, 2002 Opened Insan Medical Research Institute (

June 11th, 2004 Built Insan Medical Center (

CEO Choi Eun-a (CEO of Insan Bamboo Salt Village Co., Ltd,

November 11th, 2004 Began Insan Oriental Cancer Center for publication (registered as a periodic publication)

November 2005 Opened Insan Oriental Cancer Center Co., Ltd. (CEO Choi Eun-a)

November 2005 Registered monthly Insan Oriental Cancer Center publication (Publisher Choi Eun-a)

Chairman(Third son of Dr. Insan)
kim yun su

Major Publications

Edited by Kim Yun-su 《Korean Gyogam Nammyungjip》 Edited by Nammyung Research Center, Theory and Practice, 1995.2

Explanation by Kim Yun-su 《Cultural Heritage Do Rok》 Hamyang County, 1996.4

Explanation by Kim Yun-su 《Daehan Dojang Explanation》 Sinyakdang, 2000.12


1980 Award by Minister of Culture for top graduate from Korean Translation Training Center

1998 Certificate of Appreciation by Hamyang governor for cultural heritage investigation

CEO(Wife of Dr. Insan’s third son)
Choi Eun-a

Writings and Publications

Writings: Insan Cancer Formulary, Sinuiwoncho, Uisayeorae, Uiyaksinseong, Hwalinguse, Second volume of Sinyakboncho, Sinyakboncho 3

Publications: Mineral-fed Duck and Marsh Snail, Food Health Therapy of Insan Medicine, Hamyang Bamboo Salt Festival

Co-publications: Hwan Hui – The Life and Inventions of 15 Female Inventors

Profile of Kim Yun-su

Birthplace of his first ancestor is 彦陽, 32nd offspring of Eonyanggun 金鐥, the seventh prince of Gyeongsun of Silla

Hometown is 咸陽, Jukyeom Village at Haengjeong-dong, Wolpyeong-ri, Hyucheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

道鄕 is 華陽洞, 尤庵 宋子-Hwa Seo-Joong Am-Seong Jae-Ui Am-充齎-仁山

Buddhist cognomen is 參陽子, pen names are 含山, 雪滿軒(Title of Dr. Yeonmin), and 神藥堂, Korean title is Euibeot

Third son of Dr. Insan Kim Il-hoon

Dr. Insan is the founder of Insan Cancer Medicine for oriental cancer treatment and

the inventor of new medicinal foods such as bamboo salt, purple bamboo salt, sarijang, safflower seed, freshwater gastropods, mineral-fed duck, radish taffy, and walnut oil

May 3rd, 1959 Born in Haengjeong, Wolpyeong-ri, Hyucheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

1978 – 1980 Received award by Minister of Culture for top graduate from training section of Korean Translation Training Center

1981 – 1984 Third-year graduation from Standing Research Section of Korean Translation Training Center

1980 – 1984 Completed Chinese Language Education major at Dongguk University Graduate School of Education

1999 – 2002 Completed researcher course for Taoism major at Religious Studies Research Center of Sichuan University, China

1985 ~ 1989

Professional member at Korean Translation Office, Ethnic Culture Execution Committee

1989 ~ 1992

Returned to Hamyang to serve Dr. Insan

1990 ~ 1998

Chairman of Gwangjewon Classical Korean Translation Research Center

1992 ~ 1994

Researcher at Nammyeonghak Research Center of Gyeongsang University

1995 ~ 1999

Lecturer at Chinese Language major, Gyeongsang University

1996 ~ 2001

1996 – 2001 Historical material researcher of National Institute of Korean History at Hamyang County


Editing member of 《List of Hamyang Cultural Heritage》

1996 ~ 1999

Historical heritage researcher at Hamyang County

1996 ~ present

Director of Hamyang History Center


Current member of Hamyang Literary Men’s Association and chairman of Translation Section

December 1st, 1998 – August 2002

Chairman of Korea Insan Medical Society


Member for initiating monument construction in commemoration of Jeompiljae Tea Garden


1999 Member for initiating monument construction of General Mun Tae-seo
February 1999 – June 2002

Establishment of Insan Oriental Medical Center at Insan Medical Society

August 8th, 2002

Appointed chairman after establishment of Insan Culture Research Center

May 1999 – May 2001

Appointed chairman of alumni’s association for Chinese Language Education major at Dongguk University Graduate School of Education

1999 ~ 2001

Director of the Korean Society for Taoistic Studies


Member for initiating the construction of Hamyang Historical Figures’ Park
2001 ~ 2003

Liaison director of the Korean Society for Taoistic Studies

August 8th, 2002

Appointed chairman after establishment of Insan Culture Research Center

December 2003 – present

Vice chairman of the Korean Society for Taoistic Studies
July 2003

Secretary General of Institute of Ildu Thought
February 2003

CEO of Insan Co., Ltd.

May 2003

CEO of Jirisan News Co., Ltd.

August 2003

Published the first issue of <Insan Culture>

June 11th, 2004

Established Insan Oriental Center affiliated with Insan Culture Research Center
January 2005

Chairman of Insan Medical Research Institute
March 2006

Director of the Society for Asian Philosophy in Korea
May 2006

Chairman of Yongchoo International Festival for the Natural Arts