The origin of all cancers comes from the breakdown of pancreatic function!

In addition to the nutrients in food, impurities are also carcinogenic to the pancreas.

Pathology of cancer

The origin of all cancers comes from the breakdown of pancreatic function!

The origin of all cancers comes from weakness of the pancreas. If the pancreas is strong, cancer occurs in other organs, and if the pancreas is weak, pancreatic cancer occurs first. For all liver cancer, the pancreatic cancer occurs first and it develops as liver cancer. Even if there is no cancerous mass in the pancreas, it will start from the pancreas.

The nutrients in the food come into the pancreas, and along with the nutrients, the impurities of the chemical poisonous toxins enter the pancreas, enter the liver through the blood, and spread throughout the body, which are the carcinogen. If cancer is found in any of organs, it means the pancreas or liver are not well. Although it is not cancer, diabetes is also caused by chemical poisonous impurities. It is a disease caused by a weakened pancreas.

The impurities spread throughout the body through the blood. If they go to the lymph gland, scrofula and congestion sickness occur. Cancer usually accumulates in the endothelium with bone and flesh, but some cancer also goes to the bone marrow. If it invades the third and fourth cervical vertebrae, the tendon as well as the endothelium will harden and cause a herniated cervical disc. The gripping force of the hand is weakened and the arms and hands become numb. If it gets worse, the intolerable pain will occur

Endothelioma is now called cancer.

It is a tumor between bone and flesh. The chemical poisonous toxins like mercury accumulate in endothelium first, become a cancerous growth, or they block the nerve orifices of the vertebrae that go out to the arm, results in herniated cervical disc. Once brain tissue is damaged, cancer is metastasized, making treatment difficult.

The tumor is made up of poisonous elements.

If the chemical poisonous toxins accumulate in the endothelium for 10 to 20 years and form endothelioma, brain decaysand the cancerous mass is spread over the whole body regardless of its size, leaving no hope. It is indirectly damaged by food with terrible poison, and in the long run it kills people just like the direct damage.

The toxicity of food causes damage to the tissues, and a frail person gets the damage first. Since the negative tumor in the endothelium is a chronic tumor, it is fine for 6-7 months after the surgery for removal.

Other than the negative tumor, it will immediately cause great damage if it is cut. The terrible poisons spread throughout the body, making it impossible to be cured even with reoperation. If the cancer goes to the bone marrow, the bone is stretched, and if it goes to the brain, it causes a severe headache.

Those who use medicine should know the coexistence of the five viscera and the six entrails. People do not know this coexistence and try to fix just the part with cancer.For example if it is gastric cancer, it will not be cured because only the gastric cancer and the stomach are being cured.

A person`s main power comes from the golden power form the lung(肺金氣)

If the lungs lose their function, they will not be able to get the earth power from the spleen(脾土氣). If the golden power from the lung and large intestine doesn’t get the earth power from the spleen and stomach which is the mother organ, then the golden power cannot revive. If the earth power is in the lungs, they co-exist and communicate with each other, hence the blood in vessels will circulate well. This is the circulation of blood vessels. When blood vessels run well, cancer does not grow. The cancer is a disorder of blood vessel circulation. In the body tissues, two lines of nerve and small vein are connected everywhere. If they are not connected, it means a cancer will grow. It is a cancer that causes nerves to short circuit or clogging of vital cords to occur.

The root is the lung. The stomach is broken because the lung does not accept the earth power, and if the stomach is broken, the whole body is broken. Spleen and stomach are the center of earth power. A good example of this would be if the central government of Seoul is broken and the heads are corrupted, the eight provinces will be corrupted and the towns will be corrupted as well.

Cut the stomach if cancer occurs on the stomach? Then the earth power will get severely weakened.

Then the wooden power of liver will invade. Co-existence, the balance of helping each other will make a person live, but getting rid of one of themwill cause a war between organs. We cannot live if the earth power shed the kidney with ‘the earth power beats the water power(土克水)’. Therefore, the fundamental is the lung. The thumb is the lung.

To hold your hand and use your strength, one thumb presses the other four fingers. By regulating the radical corner of the thumb nail, you can save a dying person. (an acupoint in thumb). Therefore, the medicine that supplements lungs is used to treat gastric cancer. Such as tortoiseshell, dried Brassica Cernua seed and apricot kernel is used for the lung medicine. Also freshwater conch is a medicine for liver. With the principle of ‘the power of fire and earth co-exist(火生土)’, a shock to the heart causes spleen and gastric disease, which means that if a mother has a stomachache, the child will have convulsions or epilepsy. It is a congestion of a gastric wall and a breakdown of stomach. Liver cancer goes to the lung through stomach and pancreas, and will go from the lung to the liver, causing liver cancer.

Therefore, liver cancer begins from the stomach and the pancreas. The reason of vomiting is that the cancer comes up with bubbles so when there’s food, it sweeps back up. So if the congestion blocks the neck, it causes death.

Cancers Other Than Liver Cancer

The blood that has not been cleansed in the liver is not supposed to be distributed all over the body, but if the liver does not fully perform its purification function, the blood that is not cleansed will be released. The blood will not only go out through the veins, but also can go straight into the flesh. The lymph which goes through a lymph node is also blood but it does not go through veins. There are lots of blood that do not go into the vein. The blood that has not been properly cleansed in the liver goes into those places. The places will have no choice but have flesh, tissue and cells decay. Thus, cancer occurs in the non-liver organs.

Cancer is not curedbecause people only try to heal the cancerous mass of the organ where the cancer has grown. Anti-cancer drugs are not only attacking cancerous mass, but also attacking normal cells indiscriminately, so the people who are weak are not able to live much longer, and those who are stronger can survive for several years but eventually die.