Illness is caused when yang energy (陽氣) goes away and yin energy comes in!

Blazing sulfur which reinforces the yang energy
Garlic and leek elevate detoxification effect of duck to reinforce yang energy.


Lonicera flower, Taraxacum herb, Elm bark

Insan: Yes. They’re for treating colitis. Duck with lonicera flower and taraxacum herb is a medicine for colitis. It’s because the inflammation of colitis cannot go away at once.

Questioner: Is it going to be okay from now on?

Insan: It’s not a bad medicine. It’ll be completely defeated. Scary medicines are not used. If lotus root is used to stop bleeding, they don’t even know that lotus root is used when the bleeding stops.

Questioner: Lotus root isn’t used, only lonicera flower and elm bark.

Insan: Yes. Lonicera flower and elm bark make it more effective. It’s better to add lacquer tree sap. It’s good to eat it by boiling it with chicken or duck.

Questioner: With lonicera flower and elm bark.

Insan: It does go up.

Questioner: Then should I get lotus root and put it in there?

Insan: No. Putting in lotus root may worsen the symptom. Lonicera flower and elm bark are medicines that are really good for colitis. Don’t do it.

Bombyx Batryticatus

Insan: What’s there about my story? I tried all sorts of things, including running a pharmacy. I really need Bombyx Batryticatus for the medicine right now, but I can’t find pure Bombyx Batryticatus in China. So I use those from Korea, and there is Bombyx Batryticatus that is more effective than those from China. But there are some difficulties for using this. You need to buy three geun of Bombyx Batryticatus to get one geun of it. But people use pesticides nowadays, so there are a lot of Bombyx Batryticatus which are killed even before becoming silkworm.

I saw that. Then do I blame the person doing that or do I just blame the world for being what it is? So I tried cutting the dry one. When I cut it, it’s dry not because it’s decayed. When it’s dried, it’s dried clean, but there’s nothing. Nothing but the skin. It’s crunchy. So I can’t use it, and what did I do with it? I can’t reveal it to the world.

I can’t be like, “So-and-so said that!” But it’s not done by a person alone. It’s true that such medicine is in this Bombyx Batryticatus. Then if we pick out from that, there’s not much medicine to be used from there. The medicine that I experienced is just a little. So if my acquaintances come here to do the drying process, they can make a living just by selling what I prescribe. They just do what I tell them to do.

Swellfish egg

There’s swellfish here. I saved a handful of people using swellfish egg during the Japanese era. When the patients have fourth stage lung trouble and they say they’re not going to live long, I put in two or three chi of ginger plant into a cauldron. Cauldron from the olden days are really thick. There, I make wood fire, put in swellfish egg, and steam it well. Steam it and dry it. Steam it once and then make it into powder. This is a really good medicine, so have them eat it with ginger tea. My grandfather was a great scholar who knew well about medicine (藥), so people used to say, “He must have learned it from his grandfather.” There’s always bias. So there were a few people who listened to what I said. Some said I’m out of my mind. But when they eat it, they live without any trouble. But when they steam it more than five times in ginger, the medicine isn’t produced well. It’s good to eat, though. When a healthy person eats it after steaming it for more than five times, their stomachs hurt a little at dawn. Those who don’t feel the pain have colitis (大腸炎). Those who have colitis don’t feel the pain. So after steaming it for more than nine times, people feel better. Their stomachs and intestines get better.

Black bean

There’s a black small bean called black bean (鼠目太). This is a very scary antidote (解毒劑). What is diabetes? What happens if this toxicity (毒性) comes in the lung? Thirst (燥渴) happens. If some toxicity gets in the spleen (脾臟), hunger happens.

If it goes in the kidney, then all body swells up and down. Lastly, it’s abnormal urination (下消). Black bean is used for treating these. General beans work well, too. Take a small amount of it in the morning and evening. If it doesn’t cause diarrhea, take a bowl of it in the morning and evening with empty stomach, and it really works like a divine medicine (神藥). Why do people become ill when they have the medication for curing diabetes? Do they have to die after years of insulin injection? Just end up getting complications? Doing this with beans provides full energy, so why would any complications occur? But I can’t go around the world and say this openly. The secret about bean is Taebaeksungjung (太白星精), so it really cures diabetes. Thirst happens from the lungs. If scorching toxicity (火毒) occurs in the lungs, that’s thirst, which indicates beginning of diabetes.

Lotus root

If lotus root is used to stop bleeding, they don’t know if there’s lotus root when it stops bleeding. When lotus root is used, large intestine hurts more.


Some people whom I know use improved cucumber, not native cucumber because they are hasty. It’s for burns. We know native cucumbers work for sure for burns, but will the improved ones work as well? But since they’re hasty, they tell people to make juice out of improved cucumber to eat. There’s no other way. Even if they eat the juice of it, the pain is mitigated right on the spot. Even if it’s not perfect, our native cucumber mitigates pain right away just after a bowl of it.

Scab would come off soon. That’s why, even if I know a mystery, I can’t really do whatever I want to do. So there are not a few but a lot of people who saved those with burns using improved cucumbers. So improved cucumbers have a little effectiveness (效). Then there is a grass that lives (生) with female characteristics (女星精).

That’s our native cucumber from the past. This cucumber works with mystery for [curing] scorching toxicity (火毒) for burns. The worst core of this gas is the one like gas fire. When the worst core passes on, people get bad disease, and that’s cancer (癌). So they get shocked (感電) and get it all burned. There works the medicine of mystery as well. So I really didn’t want to get rid of its seed and tried to get it from somewhere. But since I lived in a difficult environment where people threw away my luggage out of the house because I couldn’t pay the rent, I couldn’t keep the cucumber seed until today. I still feel sorry that I cannot preserve it wholly even though I know such a secret.

Lacquer tree sap

Chinese lacquer tree in Jirisan Mountain, Macheon is very well-known, but why is there counterfeit products made of it? It is very effective for treating cancer, but the medicine has to be made with genuineness. You need to first get resin (津) from the Chinese lacquer tree and a little bit of water. If you put too much water, however, the resin will harden. Just the right amount of water will keep the pot from exploding when they are put in together. If you only put resin in the pot without any water, the pot will explode if it is placed in a warm room. Everything has to be done in a certain degree (道). What comes from the nature should be handled in the most natural way. Adding something artificial (加味) will make it fabricated.

Mineral-fed duck

Duck and sulfur have a salty nature as salt, so they have strong immunity.

Sulfur can be a longevity substance if it is medically processed. But because it is too difficult to be a longevity substance, it was not commonly used for the public.

Sulfur is an ore of natural fire. It is a stone, but when it goes near a fire, it catches the fire. It is different from gas. It is difficult for gas to be medically processed and be the longevity substance, but sulfur can. From now on, when the number of victims of the chemical medicine increases, they will not be able to cure the disease and die from an unbearable disease. I have been experimenting this since the Japanese colonial era, and have continued to do even after the liberation. I still try to do it because I can only share with the world when I am in absolute perfection.

Sulfur is introduced in every medical book that its nature is warm and the taste is plain and a bit salty. The most salty plant is a dandelion (taraxacum herb, 蒲公英). That’s because it is a compound of salt in space. The higher the saltiness of plants and animals, the stronger the detoxification effect they have, and this is applied to lonicera flower, dandelion, black goat, earthworm, and so on. A privet (楨木) which does not rot after a thousand year is also like that. The salt, which prevents decomposition of food, gets rid of pus with its salty taste. The most salty of animals is a duck.

I actually have watched the dandelions. When you observe it, the worms do not eat it. This is same for the ducks that they do not catch infectious diseases. Therefore, I have found that sulfur and ducks are useful to human beings because of their nature of saltiness acting as anti-inflammatories.

At the creation of the universe, water, a cold energy, and fire, a hot energy, combine to form organisms. Same goes for humans. They’re created by the power of water and fire (水火). All organisms live by the harmony of yang energy of the sun and yin energy of the moon. In other words, water and fire have correlations.

Ducks are about energy of water, and sulfur is about energy of fire. Combining these two creates mysterious medical effect. In order to understand this, we need to understand the process of boiling water.

When boiling water by continuing to apply fire, it ends up having sweet taste, being called white-boiled soup (白沸湯). Water originally has fishy taste, being called Geumsaengsoo (金生水), and keep applying heat makes the fishy taste go away and make the energy of fire more prominent, being called Hwageukgeum (火剋金).

But the reason that bitter taste, which is the fiery taste (火味), is not produced is that it is difficult for energy of fire to fight in water against the energy of water. Therefore, according to the principle ‘fire lives by earth’ (火生土), it borrows the power of earth (土), making the earth to beat water (土剋水) and producing sweet taste, which is the taste of earth (土味).

Such change happens in the simple process of applying heat on fire, and there are infinite changes going on in the universe. Therefore, duck and sulfur collect the energy of water and fire (水火) to reinforce the power of the medication.

Illness is caused when yang energy (陽氣) goes away and yin energy comes in

Blazing sulfur which reinforces the yang energy

Every illness happens because of incoming yin energy. There is no illness that happens from yang energy. So illness that happens from yin energy becomes stronger, and by the time a person is almost deprived of yang energy, the sickness comes. So the yin energy becomes stronger, making the demon of yin energy to become messenger of death (死者). So what should a person do? Healthy life is possible if all the materials of yang energy helps yang energy to reinforce the secret of synthesizing yang energy.

Garlic and leek which elevate detoxification effect of ducks to reinforce yang energy

Garlic is often put in ducks to make prescription (和劑). Duck is antidote and healthy food for all. First, detoxification must be done to reinforce yang energy (陽氣). Yang energy then again drives away the evil and makes new life (去惡生新). Garlic is a healthy food and drives away the evil to make new life. It was introduced in bonchogangmok in the past, which said that garlic has poison (毒), but it can control the toxicity of swell (癰). The toxicity of garlic has factors for mitigating carcinogenic toxicity (癌毒). That’s why I often use garlic. Also, since I know the secret of duck that ancient people talked about, I often use garlic in duck.
Garlic from rice field is prohibited for mineral-fed duck

However, garlic from rice field must not be used, because it is dangerous. Rice fields today have the highest level of parathion poison. It’s not just about rice fields, but all of the earth are filled with mercury poison. So we are making kimchi out of pepper that is harvested from there without even knowing it. There’s a lot of risk there. Today, when cancerous cells are spreading through blood vessels all the more, we can’t stand still and eat something like that. We need to look out for something like that. While there will be some damage to the producer, we must realize that human life cannot be overturned once it’s gone. I don’t have the power to save a dead person, so the best method is to prevent a person from dying. Plant garlic and pepper to rice field and feed them once they’re filled with poison. See how scary that is. It’s horrifying that people would eat them. Today, cancerous cells are completely forming organs in the body, and we don’t have to promote occurrence of cancer anymore.


How do you cure diabetes by eating raw bean? It’s all about being natural. This bean accepts (應) energy of the great white star (太白星), and there is the energy of metal (金) in people’s hands and bodies. There is iron, and when people eat beans by touching them with their own hands, raw beans taste fishy. You need to make and use pine tree scoop, and soak the beans using mortar and gourd that are made out of pine tree. Regarding water, use medicinal water, not tap water, and grind it in wooden mortar. Don’t use metal, don’t touch them with hands, and don’t use rocks. Rocks have components of metal (金成分) in them, making the beans fishy. So make them without using any of these and try them. It’ll tasty very savory. Consume them in the morning and evening with empty stomach, and it will be good for health as well.


Korean pumpkins from the past are effective for postpartum swelling. Why do you have to throw away the seeds for such a good substance? Even if my heart suffers, I can’t speak about the entire humankind into a single sentence.

Safflower seed

And there are not much about safflower seed in any medical book (醫書), but there are explanations on safflower (紅花; used as the material for red dye in the past). From 3 Korean pennyweights, it’s lifeblood (生血), and for more than 5 Korean pennyweights, it’s broken blood (破血). That’s the fact, then why would it go into such a medicine? The core of that medicine is seed. It’s the core. Core is the kernel (仁). It’s the kernel of safflower seed (紅花仁), and why would people not use that? So I used it when I was young, but those used for people are rare. So I tried breaking and offering calf’s legs, as well as dog’s legs. I observed for six hours. It recovers to normal state in six hours. So for people with broken arms or legs who got hurt while working out, I made soft powder out of it by shedding sunlight. Not doing it makes it problematic because of oil. So I offered it, observing it after offering a spoonful. Around the age of 10 or up to the teens, they get completely cured in 6 hours, but it is mitigated slowly.

Then what’s the problem with it? Safflower seed itself has white gold (白金) that is said to be 1/360 of its weight. So we’re throwing away this white gold. Then what did people in the past know about it? Why do people not use safflower seed when it has 1/360 of this scary white gold? For egg shells from layers, 1/36 of the white is calcium. So it becomes the thick shell over a single night.

Then what does it need to become adhesive? The adhesive is the white gold. There is 1/3600 of white gold component in egg white. So there is 1/3600 of white gold component inside egg white. But then it’s 1/360 in this safflower seed. That’s tenfold.

Why do people put aside such a divine medicine (神藥)? And then this duck has female characteristics (女星精). Boiling duck bone even revives bones that were cut and went through surgery. And the bone gets hardened. I experimented things like that, and when people who learn continue to conduct experiments, they can end up becoming better. I don’t have to be the only one. I want the world to become a place where those who learned from me become better than me.