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Insan Medical, Insan Oriental Medicine Cancer Medicine Treatment Guidelines

Prescribe according to the constitution of the blood type by understanding the patient’s blood type, age, gender, disease, and symptoms.

Plaster of Paris is used for blood type O.

Since blood type O has an aura of fire, ginseng is not recommended.

Since cancer is a powerful disease, the strength of the medicine should be relatively strong, so it is not made as one tablet of the medicine, but it is boiled in a cauldron at the same time and put into the pouch pack.

Insan Medicine includes mineral-fed ducks which are great for detoxifying, marsh snail which cleanses liver, field garlic with natural anti-cancer function (do not use rice field garlic due to its pesticide poison) and spring onion as basic medicine for detoxifying and recuperating.

Because there is a strong current poison in a knife, it is extremely dangerous for cancer patient to receive surgery. If there is recurrence after surgery, the treatment becomes extremely difficult. Although it is necessary to be treated with Insan Medicine initially, it is not until after a death sentence has been received in hospital that Insan Medicine is sought, which by then it’s too late for the power of the medicine to beat the disease. There is a saying that there is no use in seeking medicine after death, but also seeking medicine right before death would be no different.