Phosphorus cancer formulary

Phosphorus has developed a new cancer drug for 80 life-long herbal anti-cancer drugs such as ozone and saris.Which has been devoted to cancer treatment and has helped numerous cancer patients, has successfully performed the role of the last patient of terminal cancer patients, such as the Administrative Dongcheng, Yinrim Party, New Testament Party, and Phosphate Dongchun in Gyeongsangnam- .
Prescription cases in which Phosphorus Sensei used cancer patients earlier were collected from the New Testament PartyFirst published in 1994.

Liver cancer, Hepatitis, Biliary tract cancer, Gall bladder cancer, Gallstones, Jaundice
Bone marrow cancer, Progressive muscular atrophy, Osteosarcoma, Hand tremors
Brain cancer, Brain tumor, Meningitis
Kidney inflammation or cancer, Renal failure, Bladder cancer, Bladder inflammation, Prostate cancer, Prostate inflammation, Urethra tumor, Nephrotic syndrome, Enuresis
Gastric cancer, Gastric inflammation, Cancer of the esophagus, Pancreatic cancer, Stomach ulcer, Gastroptosis, Indigestion
Cervical cancer, Breast cancer, Ovarian cancer, Leukorrhea, Irregular menstruation, Infertility
Rectal cancer, Colon cancer, Anal cancer, Anal prolapse, Dysentery, Hemorrhoids
Lung cancer, Lymph node cancer, Thyroid cancer, Tonsil cancer, Laryngeal cancer, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Bronchus
Leukemia, Anemia