BIO Food Research Center

In order to make a leap into a global R & D innovator, we will establish a research institute in 2014 to promote health promotion, disease improvement, health food manufacturing method with anticancer effect and biopharmaceutical research.

Product R & D through natural product fermentation

Functional new material development and commercialization

New product development and quality control

Product safety and human efficacy study

Development of highly functional anti-cancer adjuvant through natural product fermentation

It was confirmed that the effect of improving the function of the anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties of the fermented medicinal composition (sari) produced by the fermentation of the 9-times fermented phosphoric acid bamboo salt and the domestic fermented soybeans was obtained and scientific and objective data were secured. We have developed functional anti-cancer adjuvant products to increase sales through domestic sales and export of Phosphate Bamboo Salt Co., Ltd., And have developed various domestic and international bamboo salt industry and natural herbal anti-cancer drugs through proven functional effects and bamboo salt. Increased competitiveness of Korean herbal medicine products in the pharmaceutical market.

Development and Commercialization of Functional New Materials to Improve Atopic Immune Hypersensitivity by Using Medicinal Composition Derived from Natural Products

In order to develop functional materials for treating anti-inflammatory, atopic and immuno-sensitive skin diseases by using natural materials such as egg white, bamboo, and bamboo salt, functional food materials have been developed through the establishment of manufacturing process of bamboo salt and egg- After standardization, we intend to investigate the mechanism of immune hypersensitivity, skin disease, and its mechanism through in vitro cell experiments. In addition, in vivo animal experiments have been conducted to develop functional food materials related to immunological hypersensitivity and skin diseases, and to submit data on functional certification at preclinical stage. Based on this, a framework for high value-added industrialization of functional food materials is established.

New product development and quality control

Study on safety and human body efficacy of existing products (bamboo salt, sari, bamboo, and other products)